Will Removing Fibroids Improve a Woman’s Fertility?

Will Removing Fibroids Improve a Woman’s Fertility?

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that are non-cancerous in nature. They can range from the size of a pea all the way up to serious cases where the tumor becomes bigger than an orange.

There are a quite a few negative effects that accompany fibroids. Prolonged menstrual bleeding, excessive bleeding, bad cramps, chronic lower back pain, a constant bloated feeling in the abdomen, etc.

Depending on the size and location of a woman’s fibroids, the chances of her conceiving and having a normal pregnancy may be adversely affected.

There are 3 kinds of fibroids -sub mucosal fibroids originate in the uterus; subserosal fibroids develop on the outside of the uterus and intramural fibroids grow inside the muscular uterine wall.

A woman’s chances of getting fibroids are higher if she is has any one of the following factors – obesity, leads a sedentary lifestyle, has never given birth, is African American, has family members who have had fibroids and has had periods before the age of 10.

Some fibroids are so small that they do not affect the size of the uterine wall and pose no obstruction to any organs. In cases like these, a woman can have a normal pregnancy. However, if the fibroids alter the shape of the uterus or get so big that they become an obstruction, a few problems may occur.

The fibroids may cause the placenta to be displaced. That means the placenta gets detached from the uterine wall prematurely. Women with fibroids have much higher chances of miscarriage, premature labor and are more prone to Caesarean delivery. These are some of the issues that will weigh heavily on any woman’s mind if she’s pregnant and has fibroids.

Removing fibroids does not improve a woman’s fertility since fibroids have not yet been proven to have an effect on fertility. They only have an effect on the pregnancy by raising the chances of possible complications. So, fibroids may make a woman infertile and should be removed to improve the chances of giving birth without too many risks.

Currently, a procedure called myomectomy, a minimally invasive surgical removal of fibroids, is used to treat women who still wish to have children. Recent studies show that women who decided to remove fibroids removed via a myomectomy risk having new fibroids develop (which happens to about one-third of women who undergo the procedure), but you can’t argue with the success rate: It’s estimated that as many as 40 to 60 percent of women who have undergone a myomectomy to remove fibroids have gone on to become pregnant post-treatment [source: WebMD, GUH-DVIR].


Before considering any surgery or even over the counter medication, it would be highly beneficial for any woman who has fibroids to give the natural remedies a try. There are several very good guides to shrinking fibroids and curing yourself holistically.

These methods address the root cause of the problem while medication and surgery merely treat the symptoms. Thousands of women have tried and swear by the natural remedies as being extremely effective. They may take longer than conventional medication but they are just as effective and prevent the fibroids from reappearing. Always give the natural methods a try first.



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