Does Uterine Fibroids Affect Sex Life?

Does Uterine Fibroids Affect Sex Life?

This is a very interesting question and it is one of the most common questions that springs to a woman’s mind when she has been diagnosed with fibroids. Yet, most women do not speak to their doctor about it or explore their options because they feel shy or uncomfortable talking about it.

First and foremost, being diagnosed with fibroids is not as devastating as it seems. Almost all fibroids are benign, non-cancerous tumors that are mostly not life threatening. There may be health issues like excessive bleeding, prolonged bleeding, lower back pain, a constant feeling of abdominal bloating, bad cramps, etc.

It all depends on the woman. Some women have fibroids that are so small they are barely noticeable. Some women have fibroids that are big enough to cause pain during intercourse.

So, to answer the above question if it will affect your sex life… there is no definite answer. Generally, in most cases, fibroids will affect your sex life. The degree to which you are affected will depend on the size of the fibroid, its location and a whole lot of other factors.

Fibroids develop due to a hormonal imbalance in the body. The estrogen levels and progesterone levels are all over the place. This often makes a woman lose desire for sex. In cases where women do not know they have fibroids, the loss of sex drive seems natural. They do not realise that their loss of libido is due to the tumors in their body.

Women who are diagnosed with fibroids also get stressed and emotionally distraught. This is going to have an effect in the bedroom. She may feel fear that sex may cause internal bleeding or other problems. These fears are irrational but they will still psychologically affect her. Sex is the last thing she is going to be thinking about.

On the flip side, there are women who actually experience physical pain because of the fibroids. Large fibroids would cause pressure in the uterus the reason it makes sex painful. It’s worse if the tumors are present in the cervix. Penetration is painful, uncomfortable and not a pleasant experience. Bleeding may occur.

Fibroids will affect men indirectly too. There have been many cases where couples have divorced or broken up because the women lost interest in sex and they didn’t realize that it was due to their hormones. The men felt that their woman had stopped loving them. This friction in the bedroom leads to quarrels and soon both parties go their separate ways.

In cases where there is physical pain and friction causes bleeding, men get worried and guilty. They do not want to hurt their wives or girlfriend. So, now both parties are unduly worried. Not a good situation to be in.

The crux of the matter is this. If you notice that you are losing desire for sex as compared to before, go for a check-up. If sex starts to hurt when it never did before, go for a check-up. Your doctor will be the best person to advice you.

If you get diagnosed with fibroids, try out natural, holistic methods and remedies to shrink and kill the fibroids. Thousands of women have cured themselves of uterine fibroids using natural remedies. Give it a try and cure yourself quickly and effectively.



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